Electromagnetic Hygiene at Home: The Bedroom

Electromagnetic Hygiene at Home: The Bedroom

Your bedroom is the second most important place to take care of in your home when it comes to electropollution. Some may even consider it a priority, but we gave it this ranking because, compared to a kitchen, the number of appliances people keep in their rooms is smaller and they work even more intermittently. But how is it so important then? Well, because your sleep quality is at high risk and can be disturbed by even small electrosmog emissions. 

Let’s start with the basics: your cell phone. People tend to use their cell phones throughout the whole day long and even shortly before sleeping, keeping them on and near them -even under the pillow- during the night. You have to consider that your cell phone is the number one EMF radiation emitter near you, it emits low-frequency fields coming from the battery and high-frequency fields from the wireless signals it needs to be connected. Keeping it on and near your bed while sleeping is a mistake, and will affect your sleep quality. Additionally, using your cell phone in the dark can also disrupt your melatonin production and alter your circadian rhythm, 

We have also met people who keep WiFi routers or extenders in their bedrooms, wondering why their sleep quality has become so poor. The thing is that you don’t need to keep a router in your room to receive wifi, if you leave it outside, in a strategical place in your living room, you are likely receiving the signal as strong as you would if you keep it 1m away from your bed. By keeping a router or an extender so near your bed, you are directly exposed to low-frequency magnetic fields from the current, and even higher frequencies signals than those of your cell phone. 

Another huge factor present in your bedroom is Dirty Electricity. Dirty electricity is the electricity you use every day, it is full of interferences that damage your appliances, make your power consumption and efficiency worse, and radiate into your home affecting your health as well. Domestic wiring and outlets are usually at the same height as the bedside, so those fields are constantly interacting with your body, especially your head, affecting your brain’s normal electric activity, thus affecting your ability to rest effectively and peacefully. 

Of course, some people keep other electronics in their rooms, such as computers, TVs, video game consoles, and more. These are also emitting EMFs, but their emissions are also conditioned to their usage habits, and they are normally turned off during the night.

Our suggestion

Keep WiFi routers and extenders outside your bedroom, and your cell phone outside your bed. If you are especially sensitive, we recommend setting your phone on airplane mode or turning it off during the night. For the cell phone, we recommend the SPIRO® CARD, which has been proven to entirely filter all its emissions while improving its signal and overall functioning.

For better sleep quality, a SPIRO® DISC and a STROOM MASTER® should be helpful. The SPIRO® DISC will filter the surrounding multiple signals and emissions, while the STROOM MASTER® filters the dirty electricity in the wiring near your bed. If you suffer severe sleep disorders, the SPIRO® DISC PRO and the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA have stronger filtering potencies that would threefold or fivefold the already positive effect of the SPIRO® DISC.