SPIRO® For Electric (EV) or Hybrid Vehicles

SPIRO® For Electric (EV) or Hybrid Vehicles


    Electric Vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly common, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars. However, these vehicles generate electrosmog, especially with the increased usage of sensors and electronic systems in recent models. Despite advancements in technology, EVs cannot be completely emission-free, and studies have shown varying levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures, with radiofrequency (RF) emissions being the highest.

    Electrosmog in EVs

    EVs produce EMFs from several sources, including:

    • Battery Systems: The high-voltage batteries used to power EVs generate significant electromagnetic fields.
    • Electric Motors: The operation of electric motors produces both low and high-frequency EMFs.
    • Electronic Systems and Sensors: Modern EVs are equipped with numerous electronic systems and sensors that emit EMFs, contributing to the overall electrosmog within the vehicle.
    • Charging Stations: The process of charging EVs, particularly at high-power charging stations, can generate substantial EMF levels.

    The Need for Protection

    For users, especially those with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), it is crucial to mitigate the exposure to EMFs while using EVs. Prolonged exposure to high levels of EMFs can lead to various health issues, including headaches, fatigue, and cognitive disturbances. To address these concerns, the implementation of effective EMF protection within EVs is essential.

    SPIRO® Filtering Power for EVs

    To protect users from the electrosmog generated by EVs, it is recommended to use a SPIRO® DISC PRO, including during charging. The SPIRO® DISC PRO provides advanced EMF filtering capabilities, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment within the vehicle.

    Benefits of SPIRO® for EV Users

    • Effective EMF Reduction: SPIRO® technology is designed to filter and neutralize EMFs, reducing the overall exposure within the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods in their EVs.
    • Enhanced Comfort for EHS Individuals: SPIRO® has proven effective for individuals with EHS, enabling them to use EVs, which was previously challenging due to their sensitivity to EMFs. The incorporation of SPIRO® products allows these individuals to experience the benefits of EVs without compromising their health.
    • Protection During Charging: The high EMF levels generated during the charging process can be mitigated by using SPIRO® filters, ensuring continuous protection even when the vehicle is plugged in.

    Proven Efficacy

    Numerous studies and user experiences have demonstrated the efficacy of SPIRO® technology in reducing EMF exposure and improving comfort for EV users. By integrating SPIRO® filters into your EV, you can create a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, free from the adverse effects of electrosmog.

    Studies were conducted with a Tesla car to measure the levels of EMF exposure produce by an electric vehicle and to test different levels of SPIRO filtering power to show how SPIRO helps filter and protect from the emissions of an electric vehicle and find the optimal SPIRO product for the job.

    The images below show the various measuring tools used for these tests to ensure the capture of all levels of emissions.Several sets of data were collected, such as Radio Frequency, near-field exposure, and Bioelectrography.

    In the initial image, we assessed the emissions from the Tesla vehicle and its typical exposure levels.


    Below is another scenario depicting measurements conducted while the Tesla was charging.



    Below are charts from Bioelectrography studies demonstrating how peak emissions from the car are reduced after implementing Spiro.








    Commitment to Health and Safety

    At SPIRO®, we are committed to enhancing the well-being and safety of our customers. Our advanced EMF protection solutions are designed to provide comprehensive coverage in various environments, including within EVs. By utilizing SPIRO® products, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you are protected from harmful EMFs.

    Our Solution

    Each of our SPIRO® products is designed to filter a specific level and type of electromagnetic radiation emission. The different SPIRO® products come with their own formulations of the SPIRO® material inside, granting them the action range and filtering potency needed to handle the radiation associated with the specific devices, emissions, and spaces for which they were designed.

    The greater the number of SPIRO® films contained in a product, the broader its action range and filtering potency. As each of our products is designed for specific types of emissions and potencies, we recommend using the solutions together properly.

    Feedback from Our Community


    “In our practice, we have observed how our clients with electrosensitivity and sleep disturbances have improved their sleep quality after several weeks of using SPIRO® technology.We have conducted Bioresonance tests and observed how electrosensitivity levels decrease after using SPIRO® Card and SPIRO® Disc.”

    Raquel Contreras

    Naturopath | Acupuncturist


    “SPIRO® technology has been crucial in improving my daughter's health, who suffered from headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, and other symptoms after installing photovoltaic equipment at home.After making changes like relocating her bed, reducing dirty electricity, and using SPIRO® discs, her symptoms disappeared, enhancing her energy and sleep quality. This experience broadened my perspective as an immunologist on health and environmental impact.”

    Dr. Marcela de Andraca S.

    Clinical Immunologist


    "SPIRO® has been a true blessing for my family and me!Since we incorporated this technology to filter the non-native electromagnetic environment in our home, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my cognitive health. My memory has improved significantly, and the 'brain fog' has completely disappeared."

    Monica Salvatierra

    Mother, Philosopher, Nurturer, Coach


    "I have been drinking the water that is in a glass container I placed on a SPIRO® DISC. I can tell many good effects. My thinking is more alert. I always thought of myself as alert, but I feel now like when I was much younger. I do heavy physical work in my yard and now I am fatigued much less. My sleep is more efficient. It is wonderful to have water that remembers how it was before mankind messed it up. Thank you."

    Lois Collins

    “At NOURI, we are passionate about designing modern and regenerative communities that Nourish Life from Soil to Soul.In our projects, we integrate SPIRO® as a key technology to guarantee healthy and biocompatible environments that contribute positively in our resident’s well-being.”