SPIRO® Enhanced Sleep Quality

SPIRO® Enhanced Sleep Quality


    Electrosmog, or electromagnetic pollution, can significantly impact the quality of sleep in adults. The presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from various electronic devices and household appliances can interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycles, leading to disrupted sleep patterns, restlessness, and overall poor sleep quality.

    The Impact of Electrosmog on Sleep

    Exposure to EMFs has been linked to various sleep disturbances, including:

    • Difficulty Falling Asleep: EMFs can interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep, making it harder to fall asleep.
    • Frequent Awakenings: Individuals exposed to high levels of EMFs may experience more frequent awakenings throughout the night, leading to fragmented and less restorative sleep.
    • Reduced REM Sleep: EMF exposure can decrease the amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is essential for cognitive function and emotional health.
    • Non-Restorative Sleep: Even if the total sleep duration seems sufficient, EMF exposure can result in non-restorative sleep, leaving individuals feeling tired and unrefreshed in the morning.

    How SPIRO® Can Help

    The SPIRO® system offers a unique and scientifically validated approach to protecting against the negative effects of electrosmog on sleep. Our advanced electromagnetic filters are designed to neutralize both high and low-frequency EMFs, creating a healthier and more conducive environment for sleep.

    Using SPIRO® for Better Sleep

    SPIRO® filters are ideal for use in the bedroom, especially near your sleeping area. Here are some practical ways to integrate SPIRO® products into your sleep routine:

    • Under the Pillow: Place a SPIRO® filter under your pillow to provide continuous protection throughout the night. This placement ensures that the filter is in close proximity to your head, where it can effectively neutralize EMFs and promote better sleep quality.
    • At the Bedside: Position a SPIRO® filter on your bedside table to protect your sleeping area from EMFs emitted by nearby electronic devices, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, and alarm clocks. This placement helps create a low-EMF zone around your bed.
    • Whole-Room Protection: For comprehensive protection, consider using multiple SPIRO® filters to create a low-EMF environment throughout your bedroom. This approach helps reduce the overall EMF burden and promotes a more restful sleep environment.

    Proven Benefits of SPIRO® Filters

    Studies have shown that using SPIRO® filters in the sleeping area can significantly improve sleep quality. Sleep monitoring data has indicated the following benefits:

    • Increased Sleep Duration: Users report longer sleep duration, with fewer interruptions and more time spent in restorative sleep stages.
    • Improved Sleep Efficiency: SPIRO® filters help enhance sleep efficiency, reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and minimizing nighttime awakenings.
    • Enhanced REM Sleep: By reducing EMF exposure, SPIRO® filters support healthier REM sleep cycles, contributing to better cognitive function and emotional well-being.
    • Overall Sleep Satisfaction: Individuals using SPIRO® filters consistently report higher satisfaction with their sleep quality, feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning.

    Commitment to Health and Well-being

    At SPIRO®, we are committed to improving your sleep quality and overall well-being. Our products are designed to provide effective EMF protection, ensuring a healthier sleep environment. By integrating SPIRO® filters into your sleep routine, you can enjoy deeper, more restful sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

    Experience the benefits of better sleep with SPIRO®. Explore our range of EMF protection solutions and take the first step towards achieving a healthier and more restful sleep environment.

    Our Solution

    Each of our SPIRO® products is designed to filter a specific level and type of electromagnetic radiation emission. The different SPIRO® products come with their own formulations of the SPIRO® material inside, granting them the action range and filtering potency needed to handle the radiation associated with the specific devices, emissions, and spaces for which they were designed.

    The greater the number of SPIRO® films contained in a product, the broader its action range and filtering potency. As each of our products is designed for specific types of emissions and potencies, we recommend using the solutions together properly.

    Feedback from Our Community


    “In our practice, we have observed how our clients with electrosensitivity and sleep disturbances have improved their sleep quality after several weeks of using SPIRO® technology.We have conducted Bioresonance tests and observed how electrosensitivity levels decrease after using SPIRO® Card and SPIRO® Disc.”

    Raquel Contreras

    Naturopath | Acupuncturist


    “SPIRO® technology has been crucial in improving my daughter's health, who suffered from headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, and other symptoms after installing photovoltaic equipment at home.After making changes like relocating her bed, reducing dirty electricity, and using SPIRO® discs, her symptoms disappeared, enhancing her energy and sleep quality. This experience broadened my perspective as an immunologist on health and environmental impact.”

    Dr. Marcela de Andraca S.

    Clinical Immunologist


    "SPIRO® has been a true blessing for my family and me!Since we incorporated this technology to filter the non-native electromagnetic environment in our home, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my cognitive health. My memory has improved significantly, and the 'brain fog' has completely disappeared."

    Monica Salvatierra

    Mother, Philosopher, Nurturer, Coach


    "I have been drinking the water that is in a glass container I placed on a SPIRO® DISC. I can tell many good effects. My thinking is more alert. I always thought of myself as alert, but I feel now like when I was much younger. I do heavy physical work in my yard and now I am fatigued much less. My sleep is more efficient. It is wonderful to have water that remembers how it was before mankind messed it up. Thank you."

    Lois Collins

    “At NOURI, we are passionate about designing modern and regenerative communities that Nourish Life from Soil to Soul.In our projects, we integrate SPIRO® as a key technology to guarantee healthy and biocompatible environments that contribute positively in our resident’s well-being.”