Remote Assessment

We provide clients with specialized equipment to collect data for our remote assessment service. Our technicians will then carefully analyze all the gathered information.

Services Basic Remote Assessment Intermediate Remote Assessment Advanced Remote Assessment
Electrical Grid Analysis
Light Environment Analysis
Quality Indoor Air Scan
ELF/RF Detection
RF Analysis

In-person Service and Environmental Analysis 

Our in-person assessment service brings our technicians to your office or home space by using specialized equipment and analyzing your environment.

Services Basic Assessment Intermediate Assessment Advanced Assessment Advanced Plus Assessment
Electrical Grid Analysis
Low Frequency and Near Field Analysis
Selective Microwave Radiation Analysis
WiFi Signal Performance Analysis
Environmental Bioelectrography Analysis with Biowell
Light Environment Analysis
General Indoor Climate Analysis
Individual Bioelectrography Analysis

Advanced Assessment

The Advanced service includes an Environmental electrography by using the Biowell, all the data collected will be analyzed by Joaquin Machado

Advanced Plus Assessment

Advanced Plus service includes an Environmental electrography and an individual bioelectrography assessment by using the Biowell, the data collected will be analyzed by Joaquin Machado.

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