SPIRO® Guide For EMF Protection

Starting with the basics:

The best way to start implementing SPIRO's patented filtering technology in your life and home would be with the combination of the SPIRO® CARD and SPIRO® DISC.

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The SPIRO® CARD was designed to filter out the harmful EMFs from cell phones. Cell phones are the most common devices that constantly affect people due to almost everyone owning and carrying a cell phone around with them. A SPIRO® CARD should be attached to all cell phones and tablets in the household.

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Ensure Maximum Filtration and Protection

There are two types of electromagnetic frequencies; High Frequency and Low Frequency. High Frequency field are consdiered WiFi signals, telecommunication signals, and microwaves. The High Frequency have a far-reaching field that extends a certain distance out from the devicces it is derived from. Low Frequency fields are generated from the electrical currents of a device and the size of the field is a lot smaller than the High Frequnecy fields. The Low Frequnecy fields encompasses a small area around the devices and for the SPIRO technology to filter the harmful effects of an electromagnetic filed, the technology must interact with the field. The best way to accomplish this is to always have any SPIRO® technology in close proximity to any device you want to be protected from. 

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The SPIRO® DISC combines filtering strength with a large range of action the be the product best used to filter and protection rooms and spaces. The ideal set up for a home would be to have a SPIRO® DISC in every room, with a minimum requirement being at least one SPIRO® DISC in the main bedroom. The SPIRO® DISC is also a great option to structure water, creating water that is more bioavailable, allowing for better absorbtion of nutrients into the cells. The SPIRO® DISC provides excellent protection against WiFi from routers and one should be placed next to the Wifi router in a home.

Recommended Layout For Your Home:

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Dirty Electricity:

Dirty electricity, also known as harmonics and transients, can negatively affect the operation of your appliances and have an impact on your health and well-being. The solution to this problem is STROOM MASTER, a state-of-the-art dirty electricity filter that eliminates harmonics and transients, providing clean and stable energy for your home and office, even if you are electrosensitive.

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Recommended Layout For Your Home:

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Electrohypersensitivity (EHS):

It is an idiopathic environmental intolerance, meaning that it is a condition in which the body reacts negatively to specific environmental stimuli, in this case, one or several types of Electro-smog, without a clear or known cause.

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The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is an extra-strong semi-industrial level EMF protection system designed for the most exposed places/individuals, as well as EHS people. It is a solution able to filter multiple strong EMF sources, and both high-frequency (telecommunications) and low-frequency (alternating current) emissions that are present in certain spaces, such as a commercial stance, a high-tech office, industrial premises, or different stances at your smart home.

Products Based On Your Necessities:

Each one of our products was designed with a certain objective in mind. If you are unsure which product you need, below is a description and function of each product to allow you pick the products that suit your lifestyle and needs.

High Exposure Protection:

If you or your home need protection for higher exposure than normal, a combination of the SPIRO® CARD and SPIRO® DISC PRO would be recommended for individual protection.

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