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Not Blocking - Just Filtering

Why Choose SPIRO®?

Our commitment to enhancing well-being is rooted in innovative and scientifically validated solutions for electromagnetic pollution. By leveraging the magnetic properties of gold nanoparticles at the nanoscale, SPIRO® technology creates effective fields that support long-term health benefits. Unlike others, our electromagnetic filters do not block but filter EMF, ensuring optimal electronic performance while providing protection. Our mission is to filter EMF pollution and improve the quality of life, creating environments free from adverse effects. We aim to lead in EMF protection solutions and promote healthier living spaces worldwide.

What Sets Us Apart



Commitment to Health

Applied Nanomagnetism: A Well-Established Science

The Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) significantly impact cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and cellular integrity. Peer-reviewed research shows EMF exposure from sources like WiFi, Bluetooth, and 'dirty power' can disrupt heart rate variability and resting heart rate, indicating cardiovascular risks. EMFs also interfere with the nervous system, impair cognitive abilities, and cause oxidative stress at the cellular level. Unlike EMF blockers and harmonizers, which can increase emissions and mask damage, SPIRO® technology filters and neutralizes EMF disturbances, restoring natural spin polarity and promoting long-term health and wellness.

Why Filter Instead of Blocking or Harmonizing?


A key distinction of SPIRO® Technology compared to other EMF protection solutions is its ability to filter electromagnetic fields (EMFs) rather than block/shield them. Blocking/Shielding EMFs can create more negative effects than benefits, often exacerbating the situation by disrupting the natural electromagnetic environment. In contrast, SPIRO® filters harmful EMF disturbances, neutralizing their adverse effects while allowing beneficial electromagnetic fields to pass through. This approach ensures a balanced and health-friendly environment, offering effective protection without the drawbacks associated with EMF blocking/shielding.


While harmonizers aren't inherently bad and can provide a sense of relief, they don't actually address the root cause of the problem. Harmonizers mainly mask the perception of harmful effects caused by exposure to artificial EMFs. Even if you no longer feel the harmful sensations, your cells are still affected by the artificial EMFs. SPIRO® Technology, on the other hand, targets the source of the problem by filtering out harmful EMF disturbances. This means that while harmonizers can help with immediate relief, pairing them with SPIRO® provides a comprehensive solution. SPIRO® filters the harmful EMFs, ensuring that your cells are not adversely affected, while harmonizers can continue to provide the comfort of relief. This combination offers the best of both worlds: immediate comfort and long-term protection.

Chart Heading Example

SPIRO® Compared to Other Forms of "Protection"

EMF Blockers
Primary Function
Blocks or shields EMFs to reduce levels of exposure
Adds negative ions and frequencies to counteract harmful effects of EMF
Filter and neutralizes EMFs disturbances by restoring natural spin polarity
Approach to Electropollution
Creates a physical barrier against EMFs
Focuses on alleviating symptoms of EMFs
Inhibits arterial polarization on biological systems
Technological Basis
Materials that absorb or reflect EMFs
Ionization technology, natural frequencies, or similar methods
Ferromagnetism of gold nanoparticles to generate SPIRO® coherent fields
Short-Term Effects
Temporary relief can vary in each individual; may lead to increased EMF emissions from devices
Balance ions in the space and/or strengthen bodily biocamps using resonant frequencies
Restores the balance of spaces, reducing noise levels and EMF disturbances
Long-Term Effects
Alters microbiome and cellular communication affecting health and wellness
Alleviates symptoms of EMF, but deep tissue damage persists
Promotes wellness enhancement and increases longevity biomarkers
Increases interferences in surroundings and causes more energy consumption
Masks the problem by hiding the real damage at the cellular level

Blocking solutions won't protect you in a world filled with EMF emissions. Instead, filter all sources for effective protection and enhanced well-being.

Devices That Emit EMF

  1. Mobile Phones: Constantly emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation during calls, texts, and data usage.
  2. WiFi Routers: Emit radiation to provide wireless internet connectivity throughout your home or office.
  3. Laptops and Tablets: Emit RF and low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) when connected to WiFi or Bluetooth and during operation.
  4. Bluetooth Devices: Emit RF radiation to connect wirelessly to other devices, such as headphones and speakers.
  5. Smart Home Devices: Emit RF radiation to communicate with other smart devices and networks in the home.
  6. Microwave Ovens: Emit microwave radiation to heat food, with some leakage possible during operation.
  7. Smart TVs: Emit RF radiation for WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth communication.
  8. Electric Vehicles (EVs): Emit electromagnetic fields from the battery and electric motor during operation and charging.
  9. Power Lines and Electrical Panels: Emit low-frequency EMF from the transmission and distribution of electricity.
  10. Cordless Phones: Emit RF radiation similar to mobile phones, particularly during calls.
  11. Baby Monitors: Emit RF radiation to transmit audio and video signals from the baby's room to the parent unit.
  12. Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches: Emit RF radiation to sync data with smartphones and other devices.
  13. Induction Cooktops: Emit EMF to generate heat for cooking using electromagnetic induction.
  14. Hair Dryers: Emit low-frequency EMF during operation.
  15. Refrigerators: Emit low-frequency EMF from the motor and compressor.

Inside SPIRO®

Each SPIRO® product features circular films coated with recycled and cured plastic, focusing on the natural properties of gold nanoparticles. These ferromagnetic gold nanoparticles, stabilized by a specialized alloy of metals at the nanoscale, are tailored to filter specific types of electromagnetic emissions effectively. This advanced composition enhances health biomarkers, optimizes energy consumption, and reduces micro-interferences in telecommunications systems, maintaining their connectivity and prolonging their lifespan. SPIRO® acts as a robust filter against electromagnetic pollution, promoting physical health and emotional well-being.

The Solution to Not Be Affected Lies in Controlling
Your Natural Spin Particle Polarization!

SPIRO® (Spin Resonance Organizer) Fields:
Read the papers to learn more about the effects of harmful frequencies on health and how spin resonance can mitigate them:

Our Patented Technology

Our technology is protected by patents, highlighting SPIRO®'s unique material science and nanotechnology compositions. These patents cover formulations that can revolutionize thousands of products across all industries, ensuring our solutions stand out for their innovation and quality.


Our SPIRO® Solutions

Starting with the basics:

The best way to start implementing SPIRO's patented filtering technology in your life and home would be with the combination of the SPIRO® CARD and SPIRO® DISC.

Copy of SPIRO® Basic Recipe - INGLES-3.svg__PID:bb23ed41-a78d-4789-9009-b868dc7527a0
Copy of SPIRO® Basic Recipe - INGLES-4.svg__PID:d7899009-b868-4c75-a7a0-47dd09e6fa11


The SPIRO® CARD was designed to filter out the harmful EMFs from cell phones. Cell phones are the most common devices that constantly affect people due to almost everyone owning and carrying a cell phone around with them. A SPIRO® CARD should be attached to all cell phones and tablets in the household.

SPIRO CARD.svg__PID:4ce705cc-89e9-4f82-a5f1-a6a6d9510fbe
SPIRO CARD (2).svg__PID:05cc89e9-0f82-45f1-a6a6-d9510fbe3ef7

Ensure Maximum Filtration and Protection

There are two types of electromagnetic frequencies; High Frequency and Low Frequency. High Frequency field are consdiered WiFi signals, telecommunication signals, and microwaves. The High Frequency have a far-reaching field that extends a certain distance out from the devicces it is derived from. Low Frequency fields are generated from the electrical currents of a device and the size of the field is a lot smaller than the High Frequnecy fields. The Low Frequnecy fields encompasses a small area around the devices and for the SPIRO technology to filter the harmful effects of an electromagnetic filed, the technology must interact with the field. The best way to accomplish this is to always have any SPIRO® technology in close proximity to any device you want to be protected from. 

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 16.21.27.png__PID:3ef7ded5-ee79-4b2f-893e-13513af26998


The SPIRO® DISC combines filtering strength with a large range of action the be the product best used to filter and protection rooms and spaces. The ideal set up for a home would be to have a SPIRO® DISC in every room, with a minimum requirement being at least one SPIRO® DISC in the main bedroom. The SPIRO® DISC is also a great option to structure water, creating water that is more bioavailable, allowing for better absorbtion of nutrients into the cells. The SPIRO® DISC provides excellent protection against WiFi from routers and one should be placed next to the Wifi router in a home.

Dirty Electricity:

Dirty electricity, also known as harmonics and transients, can negatively affect the operation of your appliances and have an impact on your health and well-being. The solution to this problem is STROOM MASTER, a state-of-the-art dirty electricity filter that eliminates harmonics and transients, providing clean and stable energy for your home and office, even if you are electrosensitive.

Untitled design-3.svg__PID:085d964d-1e95-4c18-abdf-5ff86265fe48

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS):

It is an idiopathic environmental intolerance, meaning that it is a condition in which the body reacts negatively to specific environmental stimuli, in this case, one or several types of Electro-smog, without a clear or known cause.

SPIRO® Basic Recipe - INGLES.svg__PID:41c0c4b5-b726-4c0e-9334-798bb90809e5


The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is an extra-strong semi-industrial level EMF protection system designed for the most exposed places/individuals, as well as EHS people. It is a solution able to filter multiple strong EMF sources, and both high-frequency (telecommunications) and low-frequency (alternating current) emissions that are present in certain spaces, such as a commercial stance, a high-tech office, industrial premises, or different stances at your smart home.

Products Based On Your Necessities:

Each one of our products was designed with a certain objective in mind. Below is a list of our products with their descriptions and functions to help guide you in picking the product that you need.


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