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Other Benefits from SPIRO®

SPIRO® technology isn't just used for EMF Protection Various studies and tests have shown the SPIRO® provides a multitude of different benefits outside of EMF protection that make it the perfect product for
Wellness Enhancement and Longevity.

Improved Sleep Quality

Numerous scientific studies support the effectiveness of our SPIRO® filters in optimizing sleep quality. These studies have revealed that SPIRO® filters have the ability to increase both REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles and deep sleep phases during the night. These cycles are essential for cell regeneration and tissue repair in the human body.

Structured Water

SPIRO® performs a natural nano-magnetic structuring of water. Nano-magnetic water structuring involves the reorganization of water molecules at the nanometer level, leading to a noticeable improvement in health markers. Water structured in this way has been associated with greater vitality and energy, as well as greater tolerance to electrical voltage and greater immunity to electrosmog.

Wellness Enhancement

In an independent study with more than 50 subjects, SPIRO® has produced a verifiable improvement in HRV, benefiting the processes of the heart and circulatory system and reducing the effort of the vegetative nervous system to maintain internal balance

Want a way to track these benefits?

What better way to experience the benefits of SPIRO® than to see for your self: Here a few products and technologies that we recommend to track the benefits of SPIRO® such as Sleep Quality and Wellness Enhancement.

Patented Worldwide

The SPIRO® technology is patented and recognized worldwide:

Certified and Awarded

The International Prize of Inventions Geneva

June 24, 2019 – June 26, 2019
Santa Clara Convention Center

This support testifies to the usefulness and quality of the event, now acknowledged as the most important exhibition of inventions anywhere today. It is also the most international, with the participation of more than 45 countries.

Edison Awards

Silver - Materials Science & Engineering - Nano Technology. March 25, 2020

Every year, the Edison Awards honors individuals who, through their careers, their leadership and their achievements, have distinguished themselves by making a significant and lasting contribution to the world of innovation.

Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

Gold Medal - (with congratulations from the Jury). June 24, 2019 – June 26, 2019
Santa Clara Convention Center

SVIIF works to publicize state-of-the-art inventions around the world and provides a unique opportunity for inventors to not only commercialize their inventions but also the American market in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

SVIIF is under the patronage of the City of Santa Clara, the International Federation of Inventors Associations – IFIA, the Geneva Invention Exhibition, the Palexpo and of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO.

German Innovation Award '21

Winner - Excellence in Business to Consumer - Entertainment Electronics. May 18, 2021 
German Museum of Technology, Berlin.

The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions across all industrial sectors – because innovations that shape the future and improve our lives come from all industries. 

J. Joaquín Machado

Joaquín Machado is an EMF Researcher and specialist in Electrosmog and interference control for telecommunications and power lines. As an inventor, he developed several patents in Nanotechnology to produce a new approach to handle electromagnetic interference—especially those related to VHF/EHF microwave radiation from technologies—so that we can coexist with them.