7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF
7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF

7. SPIRO® DISC ULTRA – Extreme Electromagnetic Filter for EMF

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 The SPIRO® DISC ULTRA is a product featuring the highest concentration of SPIRO films, structured in a formulation with the broadest filtering capacity and a filtering potency of 33 available in a single product. Originally designed for extreme exposure cases in semi-industrial settings, subsequent independent research has confirmed that the advanced applied nanomagnetism properties of this SPIRO formulation can produce a phenomenon of highly organized quantum spin fields (super-coherent fields). For this reason, the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA has been used in biophysical tests to support individuals with magnetic deficiency syndrome, showing great results. It has also proven effective for people with severe sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, demonstrating significant health biomarker improvements, such as enhanced nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory function. This promotes cardiac coherence, greater physical endurance, and higher levels of concentration, helping individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities and other food sensitivities to achieve better outcomes in their medical treatments.

With the recent deployment of 5G networks (mini cells) in towns and cities, the SPIRO® DISC ULTRA has shown the capacity to neutralize direct contamination from these antennas. Today, this product is used in all cases of close exposure to 5G base stations.

Substations and High-Voltage Lines: Technical and biophysical studies have indicated that this product can equally neutralize average direct exposures from electrical rooms and, when used in series, in the vicinity of electrical substations and high-voltage lines. Although the SPIRO system does not block electric fields (low frequency), this formulation can transform the disturbance, neutralizing the associated contamination without eliminating the present electrical stimulus. Therefore, its use in industrial current exposures should be considered ideal for work and industrial environments.

This product contains a nanocomposite alloy of 95 circular SPIRO films coated in recycled and cured plastic, focusing on the natural properties of gold nanoparticles. This patented design and formulation have been tested in specialized laboratories, proving its efficacy. Thus, we can ensure its maximum durability and moderate water resistance. Continuous testing over the past 8 years has confirmed its effectiveness.

The SPIRO DISC ULTRA operates on a principle of applied nanomagnetism, which induces the generation of a SPIRO field. When interacting with non-native radiations, it filters the contamination by transforming and ordering quantum noise, neutralizing the harmful effects of these radiations.

Recommended Uses: 

The SPIRO DISC ULTRA is a product whose filtering power and range allow it to neutralize severe Electrosmog exposures of both high and low frequencies. It is suitable for smart homes (domotics systems), electrical rooms, server rooms, resting areas for individuals with EHS, baby rooms, and any place with significant exposures to alternating current electrical and magnetic fields.

Health Conditions: 

In cases of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, sudden tinnitus, all these health conditions involve sensitivity of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and limbic systems. Case studies with these health conditions have demonstrated that continuous and permanent use of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA significantly aids the compromised physiological processes in these health conditions through applied nanomagnetism, promoting well-being and improving health biomarkers in these individuals. This is crucial for the effectiveness of their medical and alternative treatments. The key differentiator in all studied cases has been the use of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA in close proximity to the body of the user experiencing these health conditions. Continuous use in this manner, day and night, enhances the benefits that can be obtained from it. In resting areas, it is suggested to keep it at the head of the bed a few centimeters from the body or, if not possible, under the pillow. During the day, carry it in a bag close to the body. This becomes particularly important when the individual is on the move, in public spaces, or traveling in electric vehicles, as well as in airports and train stations.

Residential Areas: The massive implementation of 5G networks in residential areas is drastically transforming the microwave exposure levels that homes receive. In some cases, 5G mini cells are just a few meters away from homes and are directly visible from inside the home. These cases have been analyzed, and studies indicate that the SPIRO DISC ULTRA is effective in neutralizing the contamination generated by these 5G antennas. However, the exact determination of the necessary number of DISCS and their specific placement usually requires a specialized technical evaluation to consider the nearby exposure factors from within the home, which add up as a final contaminant factor in the residence. In the absence of a specialized technical evaluation, statistics indicate that placing the ultra discs facing the main emission sources such as the mentioned 5G networks is highly effective. It is also noteworthy that the SPIRO DISC ULTRA does not produce negative or secondary effects from improper placement. Incorrect placement would only result in fewer benefits but never pose a health risk.

Public and Commercial Areas: 

Pilot studies and field tests have confirmed the efficiency of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA when implemented in series in these common spaces, where there is high foot traffic and a significant amount of calls and mobile connections, as well as exposure to multiple devices requiring filtering powers greater than 30. These powers are cumulative, so the electromagnetic contamination filtering effect becomes optimal, making this product ideal for these situations. The estimation of the number of ULTRA DISCS required in these cases is determined through specialized technical evaluations by the NOXTAK technical team or certified consultants from the EFEIA institute. The placement, position, height, and distance between DISCS are crucial for proper functioning in the space and to maximize benefits. Electromagnetic hygiene of spaces with the SPIRO DISC ULTRA considers the habitability of people with EHS, and thus technical evaluations are required.

Industrial Areas: 

In semi-industrial and industrial spaces, the SPIRO DISC ULTRA is effective when placed directly on high-generation and high-use electrical machinery or used in series in communication security control rooms and electrical rooms. It neutralizes electromagnetic noise that affects the longevity and proper functioning of machinery, extending their lifespan (reducing material fatigue) while neutralizing the toxic electrosmog burden received by workers, forming a fundamental part of the industrial hygiene and safety protocol. Currently, only with this product implemented in series and with specialized technical evaluations can industrial spaces receive EHE certification from the EFEIA institute.

Electric Substations in Residences: For cases of industrial current exposure in homes due to proximity to these extreme alternating current sources, the SPIRO DISC ULTRA should be implemented alongside additional bioconstruction and biohabitability measures through specialized consultants from the EFEIA institute or the NOXTAK technical team.

Farming and Livestock Areas: The filtering power of 32.66 of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA, when implemented in series, has shown in case studies to create environments or super-coherent fields that promote improvements in the quality of crops and reduce stress in livestock, increasing their productivity and the quality of their derivatives.

Additionally, the implementation of SPIRO makes a significant difference in water ponds for water structuring and subsequent irrigation of crops. It is important to highlight that improvements in all types of farms occur due to protection from non-native electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) and the generation of super-coherent fields of applied nanomagnetism provided by the SPIRO DISC ULTRA.


  • Improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV): Biophysical studies by the IGEF conducted on individuals with electromagnetic sensitivity and exposed to environments with high levels of electrosmog have demonstrated significant improvements in cardio-respiratory function, increased cardiac coherence levels, and improved healthy resting heart rate values.

  • Cognitive Function and Brain Activity: Continuous monitoring tests in multiple use cases of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA have shown improvements in focus, concentration, and cognitive performance, extending attention span during tasks and performing these cognitive functions with less psychophysiological stress.

  • Sleep Quality: Data obtained from sleep monitors indicate the highest changes and improvements in sleep quality with the SPIRO DISC ULTRA, showing regulation of sleep cycles and a healthy extension of REM and deep sleep cycles, leading to significant improvements in physiological recovery. In some use cases, better rest was observed with fewer hours of sleep. Additionally, double-blind clinical studies conducted with SPIRO have shown that sleep hygiene progressively improves with continuous product use, with the best response observed when users use SPIRO during the day. On average, statistics show sleep recovery within 27 days.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): The SPIRO DISC ULTRA has successfully passed electromagnetic compatibility tests, showing that it does not affect the operation of electronic devices or wireless network connections. On the contrary, it improves their connectivity.

  • Energy Efficiency: This product has been effective in reducing the occurrence of electromagnetic and radiofrequency interferences in spaces, as well as decreasing electrostatic discharge (ESD) and magnetostatic dynamics (MSD), optimizing the electrical functioning of electronic circuits and devices in general, leading to more efficient operation and sometimes lower energy consumption.

  • Reduction of Emission Peaks: Telecommunications performance tests on mobile signals have shown that the presence of SPIRO material leads to a significant reduction in abnormal emission peaks from devices due to being in an environment with lower radiofrequency noise levels and optimized wireless transmission rates. In the case of the SPIRO DISC ULTRA, this is especially observed in spaces with high-power mobile networks for multiple device connections.


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