4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use
4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use

4. SPIRO® SQUARE X – Advanced Electromagnetic Filter for Personal and Multipurpose Use

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The SPIRO® SQUARE X is an advanced electromagnetic filter designed to provide a high level of filtration against electromagnetic pollution and acts as a wellness enhancer. Its filtering power gives it multipurpose functionality, making it the ideal product for individuals in professions with high exposure to electrosmog, such as pilots, police officers, nurses, healthcare professionals, school teachers, and other professions exposed to significant levels of electrosmog.

This product contains an alloy of metal nanocomposites in 21 circular films coated with recycled and cured plastic that focuses on the natural properties of gold nanoparticles. Its design and formulation have been patented and tested in specialized laboratories, proving its efficacy. Therefore, we can assure its maximum durability and moderate water resistance. Continuous testing over 8 years has confirmed its effectiveness.

The SPIRO SQUARE X operates on a principle of applied nanomagnetism, which induces the generation of a spiro field (see paper). When interacting with non-native radiations, it filters the pollution by transforming and organizing quantum disturbance or noise, neutralizing the harmful effects of these radiations.

Optimal recovery from Electrosmog exposure occurs when the individual is continuously exposed to a multipurpose SPIRO filter outside the home in outdoor activities, while driving, or in public places. The SPIRO® SQUARE X is the ideal multipurpose product because its filtering power can neutralize electrosmog at an office workstation as well as in job sites involving high use of electrical equipment.

Recommended Uses:

The SPIRO® SQUARE X is a versatile and highly effective device designed to protect against high levels of electrosmog in various environments. Recommended applications include:

Professionals in High-Exposure Environments: Ideal for professionals working in environments with high levels of electromagnetic pollution, such as hospitals, IT offices, airports, and commercial buildings. The SPIRO® SQUARE X provides advanced protection, reducing EMF exposure and minimizing health risks.

Complementary Protection: The SPIRO® SQUARE X can be used alongside other SPIRO® products to offer comprehensive and complementary protection. It is particularly useful in combination with the SPIRO® CARD or SPIRO® DISC, extending the filtering range and providing complete defense against electromagnetic pollution.

Constant Use for Wellness Benefits: Studies on heart rate variability (HRV) have shown that in all cases evaluated, subjects experienced progressive improvements in health biomarkers with the permanent use of SPIRO, leading to the conclusion that “the longer the use, the greater the benefits.” The SPIRO SQUARE X has advanced filtering power that allows users to experience improvements in overall well-being with prolonged use. These benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, improved sleep quality, and a greater sense of balance and vitality. Continuous protection against EMF contributes to a healthier and more balanced environment, promoting overall well-being.

Home and Office Protection: Highly effective in enclosed spaces like the home and office, where exposure to EMF from electronic devices and telecommunications systems is frequent. The SPIRO® SQUARE X is ideal for placement near Wi-Fi routers, electrical panels, and other electronic equipment, ensuring continuous and effective filtration.

For People with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): The SPIRO® SQUARE X is designed for constant use and is highly recommended for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). These individuals should wear the SPIRO® SQUARE X around their neck, ensuring continuous protection against electromagnetic pollution as they move around different places. Wearing it around the neck allows it to be positioned at the level of the abdominal area, contributing to the health of the gut microbiome, strengthening the immune system, and aiding in the production of essential vitamins, thus promoting overall well-being.

Water Structuring: The SPIRO® SQUARE X is effective for structuring up to 11 liters of water, significantly improving its quality. Water structuring optimizes its biophysical properties, facilitating better cellular hydration and contributing to a more balanced overall well-being.


Improvement of General Well-being: Biophysical studies have shown that using the SPIRO® SQUARE X improves heart rate variability (HRV), a key indicator of cardiovascular health and stress response. By reducing EMF exposure, the device helps to lower stress levels and promotes overall well-being.

Advanced EMF Protection: The SPIRO® SQUARE X offers advanced filtering against electromagnetic fields (EMF), protecting users from high and low-frequency emissions. This filtering capability helps to reduce exposure to harmful radiations, creating a safer and healthier environment both at home and in high-exposure professional settings.

Electronic Compatibility (EMC): The SPIRO® SQUARE X has been tested in specialized laboratories and has been shown not to interfere with the operation of electronic devices. This ensures that devices maintain their connectivity and performance while reducing exposure to harmful electromagnetic emissions.

Energy Efficiency: The SPIRO® SQUARE X helps optimize the energy consumption of electronic devices, extending battery life and improving energy efficiency. This not only contributes to lower energy costs but also reduces the environmental footprint of devices used in the protected environment.

Water Structuring: The SPIRO® SQUARE X has the capacity to structure water, significantly improving its quality and biophysical properties. Structured water facilitates better cellular hydration, helps eliminate toxins, and enhances overall well-being, providing long-term health benefits.

Importance of a Healthy Microbiome: Maintaining a balanced gut microbiome is essential for proper digestion, a strong immune system, and the production of essential vitamins. Wearing the SPIRO® SQUARE X around the neck allows for continuous protection in the abdominal area, helping to preserve overall health and promoting integral well-being by maintaining a healthy environment for the gut microbiome. Compared to the SPIRO CARD X, this product offers greater applied nanomagnetism support, which is especially important for cases of SIBO and significant intestinal alterations.

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