Electromagnetic Hygiene at Home: The Living Room

Electromagnetic Hygiene at Home: The Living Room

Your living room is the next space you must be watching closely for electrosmog emissions. Modern living rooms commonly have a large number of electric, wireless, and smart appliances, entire families using their phones simultaneously, and the domestic wifi signal flowing all over the place. This is the world’s favorite place for families to get together, rest, or entertain themselves, and, over the years, we have equipped our living rooms to meet those needs. 

Usually, here’s the WiFi router. In your home, you are not only receiving your domestic WiFi signal, but that of your neighbors, the public signal of the park in the back, and the multiple signals of the building in front. Most families place their WiFi router in their living rooms, and, honestly, it is the best place for it: usually a central and open area that makes it easy for the signal to reach most of the other spaces at home. But, as WiFi is a strong pollutant, it is necessary to strategically place it where it can work properly, but without impacting anyone. Our suggestion is to place it on a wall facing the outside of your home and avoid the walls next to bedrooms and resting areas. 

Entertainment centers are also commonly placed in living rooms, and now they are fascinating and not composed just of a simple TV: they have smart TVs, Bluetooth speakers surrounding the whole space, VR headsets, videogame consoles, and we keep adding more as our entertainment needs evolve. Most of the devices that compose these complex entertainment centers require multiple wireless connections to provide you with the full experience. But even if this is not your case and you just have a common TV and some speakers, there are still emissions coming out of them to your living room.

Our suggestion

Electropollution can deteriorate the quality of your WiFi signal, so it is important to put corrective measures to guarantee an optimum quality that uniformly reaches all rooms and allows a proper connection on your smart devices. Firstly, depending on the potency of your router, we recommend placing a SPIRO® SQUARE or a SPIRO® DISC (high power router) to exclusively filter the router’s emissions and improve the signal’s propagation pattern.

Depending on how big your living room is, you will need at least one or multiple STROOM MASTER® filters to completely control dirty electricity, and one or multiple SPIRO® DISC to completely filter external emissions, wireless signals, and the emissions of your multiple appliances working in the living room. If you have a pet that frequents the living room, it is also recommended to place one SPIRO® DISC in its resting area.