Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

SPIRO® (Spin Radiation Organizer) is an advanced technology that uses special materials to filter and reorganize electromagnetic radiation (EMF). It transforms chaotic EMF waves into more natural and less harmful patterns, reducing their negative effects on health.

No, SPIRO® is not a magnetic card. It is a passive device that uses nanotechnology to filter electromagnetic radiation. It does not require electricity or maintenance and is designed to be carried with you or placed near electronic devices.

SPIRO® products are designed for long-term use and have been tested to maintain their effectiveness for many years. Our products are made with durable materials to ensure they provide continuous protection.

No, SPIRO® does not interfere with the functioning of your electronic devices. In fact, it can help optimize the performance of devices by reducing electromagnetic interference.

Product Usage

Simply place the SPIRO® Card in the case of your mobile phone or behind your tablet. This ensures continuous filtering of electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices.

Place a SPIRO® DISC in each room of your home to ensure comprehensive coverage.

No, SPIRO® products do not require any maintenance. They are designed to provide continuous protection without the need for recharging or servicing.

Health and Safety

SPIRO® products help reduce exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation, which can improve overall well-being. Users have reported improvements in sleep quality, reduced stress levels, and better overall health.

Yes, SPIRO® products are safe to use around children and pets. They are designed to provide protection from EMF without emitting any harmful substances or radiation.

Yes, SPIRO® products can be beneficial for individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. They help neutralize the effects of EMF, which can reduce symptoms associated with EHS.

SPIRO® technology has been tested and validated in specialized laboratories. Numerous studies and bio-physical tests have demonstrated its effectiveness in filtering and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.