Advanced Solutions for EMF Protection and Enhanced Well-being

We specialize in offering innovative and scientifically proven solutions for electrosmog, also known as electromagnetic pollution. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and well-being of our customers through advanced products like electromagnetic filters for mobile phones, homes, and offices. These products ensure clean energy and reduce exposure to harmful radiation. Explore our range of protective solutions and discover how our products can help you create a healthier and safer environment for you and your family.

What is SPIRO® Made of?

SPIRO® is a nanocomposite material made from stable ferromagnetic nanoparticles, including gold and other metals. It reorganizes particle polarity, acting as a passive filter for electromagnetic waves. This technology protects cells from the harmful effects of EMF pollution, potentially improving overall health and well-being.

How Does SPIRO® Work?

The SPIRO® nanocomposite acts as a passive electromagnetic filter, designed to interact with and reorganize electromagnetic fields. By neutralizing the quantum noise and interference generated by non-native electromagnetic radiation, SPIRO® effectively minimizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution (EMF).

22 estudios clínicos

Demostrando nuestro compromiso con el rigor científico y la innovación a medida que llevamos a cabo investigaciones exhaustivas para avanzar en nuestra comprensión y mejorar los resultados de los pacientes.

+ 1071 Casos EHS

Durante una década hemos ayudado a personas con EHS a proteger su medio ambiente y recuperar sus vidas.

32 Proyectos EHE

Evaluación y control de emisiones de CEM en espacios residenciales y comerciales de la Fundación EFEIA.

120 ciudades alcanzadas

Estamos comprometidos a ampliar nuestro alcance y generar un impacto significativo en más comunidades. Este logro refleja nuestra dedicación y el apoyo continuo de nuestro equipo.

16 países evaluados

Evaluando el nivel de radiación de fondo en países como Estados Unidos, Holanda, Suiza, España, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, etc.

Commitment to Science and Innovation

At SPIRO®, we are dedicated to offering products that are not only innovative but also backed by rigorous scientific research. We collaborate with leading institutions and specialized laboratories to ensure that our electromagnetic filtering solutions provide effective protection against electromagnetic pollution (EMF).

For more details about our research, scientific studies, and certifications, visit our dedicated page SPIROSolution. Here you will find scientific publications, results from independent studies, and more information on how our technologies are revolutionizing EMF protection.

Introducing The Solar Edition

A Celebration of Sunlight

The Solar Edition Collection of EMF protection systems is a tribute to the brilliance and vitality of sunlight, emphasizing its essential role in our lives. Each piece in this collection features a captivating yellow hue, inspired by the sun's radiant glow, symbolizing our deep connection to the natural world. These special editions not only highlight the power of sunlight but also serve as beacons of light, reminding us of its importance in sustaining life on our planet. Embrace the warmth and energy of the sun with the Solar Edition Collection and experience a unique blend of EMF protection and natural inspiration.

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What Experts Say About Us


"The Spiro Technology has changed my life, and the life of many of my patients with EHS, a disease which they didn't even know they had. Now it does not matter, It's fixed, so are the symptoms"

Dr. Guillermo Navarrete

"As a marine scientist and co-creator of Shyra Face Yoga, and a dedicated Face Yoga instructor and yoga student, using SPIRO has provided me calmness and environmental harmony. The shift to structured water has markedly improved my body's biology, particularly my skin. My face, reflecting my nervous system's state, is more relaxed. The sensations with the discs are akin to the high vibrational energy in places like Borneo or the Amazon. I am grateful for this transformation and to the Noxtak team and Joaquin for this incredible invention"

Shyra Garcia

"In our practice, we have observed how our clients with electrosensitivity and sleep disturbances have improved their sleep disturbances have improved their sleep quality after several weeks of using Spiro Technology. We have conducted Bioresonance tests and observed how electrosensitivity levels decrease after using Spiro Card and Spiro Disc"

Raquel Contreras

I discovered SPIRO technology. Since then, I only suffer from headaches when I accidentally forget to carry one of its discs attached to my body. Undoubtedly, SPIRO and its inventor deserve global recognition for offering the only solution against the aberrant electromagnetic pollution we suffer from.

Carlos Stro

As a hearing care professional with 25 years of experience, I've found SPIRO® technology instrumental in treating hearing loss and tinnitus in patients. This technology effectively combats the effects of oxidative stress and electromagnetic interactions, significantly improving patients' hearing and reducing tinnitus discomfort. Incorporating SPIRO into our treatment approach has markedly advanced our patient care and outcomes.

Dr. Luis M. Valdez

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